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And If You Start Remotely?

And If You Start Remotely?

Imagine yourself giving “all you got” doing the job you love from the comfort of your home or anywhere in this world remotely. Yes, it’s possible and might be closer than you think. How would it feel?  

Probably, it would be just like your first song.

I still remember mine. It was 30 years ago; I was 5. Although I couldn’t understand the words, I knew precisely that by pressing the same track button over and over again, I would get that feeling, that “kick” of energy from The Rolling Stones band. The song was “Start Me Up.”

What made a kid do that for several months, every day without stopping, to the point I still remember it today?


We all connect through it, much more than through the words solely. The CD had many tracks, but my connection was with just one.

What is yours?

How do you feel at your current job? What are the tasks that “start you up” daily or at least seem to make the time fly? Can you perform that type of tasks remotely?

Probably yes.

You don’t need to become a digital nomad, but you can start right away. You can even operate from the same location and be the master of your own time. Everyone is different. Some need to make a radical change while others will find joy with some little adjustments. Others will be fine by taking some hours per week to work from home.

The important thing is to try—to feel freedom.

Are you performing a more creative work that flows better when your energy levels are low, or are you doing something analytical that requires you to be focused and full of energy?

Start by knowing yourself better. 

Discover your natural time of sleep, and know what time your brain starts to produce melatonin so you can adjust your work to you, not you to your work.

I guess that most people who try to operate remotely in the right job or tasks will never stop! They won’t desire to go back to the old and exhausting routines from the past.

Working remotely doesn’t mean you don’t need effective routines or discipline. It means you will need to find your style, your approach to it. You can incorporate rigid and “old school” methods if they make you more productive. You chose.

Take your time. Start by doing this Free Online Test so that you can discover your melatonin onset and your natural bedtime. Then, take some notes and think about it. Do some little experiments, adjust your sleep hours, and see what works best for you.

If you are already working remotely, this can be something vital to maintaining your productivity as the years go by. For all of the others who desire to start or go fully remote, “Start It Up.” Remember, like your first song; it might take you places that you’ve never, ever seen.