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Remote Passion & The 3 C’s

Remote Passion & The 3 C’s

Are you a digital nomad, a remote worker, or someone ready to make the transition? If you answered yes, this article is for you.

It took me years to realize that remote work, although it can be a solution to logistical issues, won’t be enough by itself to make you feel fulfilled. Please don’t make the same mistake I did, or you will be wasting your life.

Your time is precious. Make it count!

About seven years ago, I was so happy to leave behind the “9-to-5 regular offline job” that I completely forgot who I was and where I came from. I forgot my BA, and my creative side was dying fast. I was consuming information like crazy, not connecting with anyone related to my interests, and worst of all, creating nothing.

Sometimes, more important than knowing what to do is knowing what not to do! Now you know. Don’t ignore it.

You can think of yourself and your career as a GPS.

GPS - Remote Work

Discovering where you are is good to start, but you really need to know where you want to arrive, the final destination. Otherwise, you won’t even begin your virtual journey!

Believe me. I already paid the price for my ignorance. I found myself operating like a machine for years, doing repetitive tasks every day because they brought me some money. I was killing my creative side.

I’m not someone very creative or entirely “out of the box,” but I still have needs related to creativity that must be met. I know that sense of fulfilment and joy will only last if I help others in their journey. That is something essential to me. The main reason I am writing this is You! My dear friend and digital enthusiast.

During that search, I completed several online courses and did many personality tests for different areas of interest and personal development, all to find what was wrong with me professionally. I had everything I needed to be happy, but I was worse than in my old offline job. Why was that?

How could it be if I was operating 100% remotely? Simple...

No Passion. No Mission. No Purpose.

Without a strong sense of meaning behind it, I was lost but eager to get to the root cause. Step by step, course by course, I came closer to what really matters. I can’t say that this “secret” I am about to tell you will fix everything because that would be a lie. Although, I bet it will help you a lot if you start to implement it in your life. If you get really committed, you will notice little improvements as you move on.

Balancing the 3 C’s - Consume, Connect, and Create.

Balance - Consume, Connect and Create

Think of this as a weight scale or use percentages (%) if you are a more analytical person. You can do whatever you like with your life and career, but if you don’t find a way of levelling, of balancing the 3 C’s, you might find yourself frustrated, depressed, or even lost.

To summarize a long story, do yourself a big favour, be happy, and start to balance those three as soon as possible. Not tomorrow— today, right away!

CONSUME interesting new ideas (which for me were TED talks) through podcasts, online courses, e-books, or whatever works for you. Yes, anything that lights something positive in you—that little thing inside, your spark. You really need to expose yourself to relevant content so you can follow your passion and discover something new. That might lead to a fresh start, a new beginning.

CONNECT with exciting people, companies, and projects that make you feel inspired! Spend time with vital people that encourage you to move forward. Someone that supports your ideas but also tells you the “cold and hard” truth if you are making a big mistake. Truth above everything else, even when it hurts, matters. If you can’t find the right person in your circle, then contract a mentor, a remote career counsellor, a coach, or whatever title suits you best.

CREATE something meaningful, write your ideas down or record your own voice to get everything out of your head! If your thoughts are like a “wild horse,” pointing to different directions in a matter of seconds, watch out! Take the reins of your mind and focus on the positive aspects only that are related to your goals. Focus is key. Take the time to test ideas that feel interesting, especially if they have the potential to help others. Put them out to the world so others can give you their feedback. There will be no progress without action, so it’s better if you start today.

I discovered this concept of the 3 Cs for the first time thanks to Chelsea Dinsmore. It would be challenging for me to find a more inspiring human being. I give her all the credits and the merit for this article. Hopefully, it will be enough to trigger in you the change needed to achieve something great; it is the first step to conquer the lifestyle of your dreams.

If you are struggling with the things mentioned above, please talk with Chelsea. Try some of her amazing and well-structured online courses. Join her global online community (Live Your Legend) to see how many lives she already has changed on her inspiring journey.

She is also a digital nomad and would love to have you on board, for sure! One day at a time, and we will get there together, remotely.