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Some Kind Of “Impostor”

Some Kind Of “Impostor”

Did you ever felt like you don’t deserve the good things happening in your life or remote career? Are you “sabotaging” yourself by feeding negative thoughts that make you feel depressed, not good enough?

Is it common for you to think you shouldn’t present yourself as good or even great at a particular role? Are you afraid of charging appropriate prices for your virtual services because you feel there are other professionals much more capable than you?

Well, we all had similar thoughts in the past.

You might be experiencing the “Impostor” syndrome, and you need to fight back to be happy. I’m not an expert in this field, so I’m going to focus only on what works for me. You can do your research and find the right professionals, the tools that will help you win this inner fight properly.


Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. 

Help people, give a hand

It reveals wisdom and enough self-awareness to realize that alone, we might not have the same results. No one has problems with seeing a doctor when something hurts with our bodies. Unfortunately, when we talk about mental health, many are afraid, ashamed, or worried about what others might think.

If you are struggling with this, forget the others for a while. Help yourself first, so you can help others later.

Helping others is fantastic; it’s the best thing we can do. However, if we don’t care about ourselves, we might not only hurt our loved ones, but we may also “destroy” ourselves. We might even kill our dreams, too, right at birth, in our minds.

Can we fight the “Impostor” and win?

Yes. There are many “brain hacks” available to help us win the everyday battle. When the “Impostor” starts to talk in your head, fight back immediately. The bad news is that the fight will last for our entire lives, but let’s focus on positive aspects only.

Little hacks.

Singing your favourite song loudly and speaking aloud words opposite to those the voice in your head is telling you can be pretty useful. You can shout for yourself powerful things like this:

“I am good enough. I have more than I need to succeed. I will make money doing what I love. I will help many people by using my strengths.”

Furthermore, you can move away from evil thoughts by going for a walk with your dog or doing something funny!

You can even start playing your favourite game or song or phoning your best friend or your mentor. Go for a run or do some exercises if it helps to empty your head. Write what torments you in a paper, and then burn it.

We need to manage a way to live focused on our strengths, but first, we should discover our “superpowers,” the things we are great doing that bring us joy. If you notice good patterns or think people will pay you enough for doing those tasks, take notes!

I will leave you here some free and paid online tools that helped me to improve. You can use some or all of them as a way of starting this journey to gain self-awareness. The experiments by themselves won’t make you successful. You can only improve if you implement some changes and stay continuously focused on positive things. 


Being curious and eager to learn more will push you forward. 

Curiosity, Remote work

You can print your strengths and read them aloud every morning. Find what works better for you and anchor it to something you are already doing every day. Give yourself enough time to implement those hacks. One year from now, I have no doubt that you will be in a better position, expecting good things from this life, and your remote career will start to flourish.

There is no secret formula that will fix everything.

Start by creating your own path, step by step, every day! This will take time and effort, but you won’t regret it later. Remember, you are not an impostor, and you deserve to be happy.

The world needs you to be at your best so you can start to help others. If you are already operating remotely, please take care of yourself. Don’t ignore burnout signs, and fight loneliness while you also defeat the Impostor.


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*Disclaimer: "Any personality test, to be correct, should only be performed by psychologists, or other professionals in similar areas." Anita Costa, Psychologist & Career Coach.