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Where You Belong

Where You Belong

No one knows what tomorrow brings for sure, but we can all do our best by “keeping us alive.”

It will be hard to find a better song for describing what digital nomads and passionate virtual workers might be experiencing at this moment worldwide than the one performed powerfully and touchingly by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes in the ’80s.

“Up Where We Belong.”

All we need to know about working remotely. 

The vital aspects of our daily lives related to finding joy, meaning, and to stop wasting our time. The important things we should never forget and taste more often.

No wonder “few hearts survive” in a world where most of us are forced to keep working only for the paycheck! Are we condemned to paying bills and putting out fires only?

Where is the love?

Finding a real passion and having the freedom to create something meaningful with autonomy might be the answer. Of course, there will be “mountains in our way,” but we can “climb a step every day.”


Remote work will lift you up where you belong.

Lift you up, remote work

Do you feel like a sleepwalker with no clear direction and no real purpose? Are you lost and tired?

There is hope.

Maybe you are so far away from this virtually connected world that it feels impossible to make the transition, or you just can’t see the little details that are trying to tell you the path is already open in front of you! Sometimes we need external validation to give us a clear image; there is no shame in asking for help.

When you close your eyes, can you imagine a daring, free, and new lifestyle for yourself?

Why not become a digital nomad operating “on a mountain high,” breathing that fresh air you are eager to get? There are tons of tasks to accomplish offline.

Start to imagine.

Create your own healthier routine where you only upload your work at the end of the day or week, when you have access to the Internet. You don’t need to live permanently connected if you don’t want to.

Are you a writer? An “out of the box” photographer? Or perhaps a video editor and producer?

Go for it! Try it for a few weeks and enjoy your life again. Establish specific days for giving feedback, making that live call while you operate freely for most of your days.

Your weeks will be more exciting.

You will smell the freedom again! Joy will start to shine, and little by little, your spark will become stronger. Give yourself and your loved ones that precious time.

Did you promise something special to your wife? What about that coffee in Rome with your friends or that week on a distant beach?

You are alive. You matter. You chose.

Now that you are already packing your bags, please don’t leave your dog behind, or at least make sure he stays with someone you trust. Operating remotely also means a good life for them — our pets, and best friends.

Come on...

I thought you were already escaping from that dark and cold garage. No excuses; the “game” only ends when you give up. Yes, you can still operate remotely from there, but only if it makes you happy and productive.


If remote work is already something real and essential to you, please keep it alive by sharing your own story below.

Keep it alive, remote work

Many people need your help and expertise to make the transition. Set them free by starting a new article, sharing a live video, or creating your own podcast for interviewing others.

It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you start by helping others.