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Video & Blog - Content Developer

Video & Blog - Content Developer
Nov 18


BeMo has an immediate need for a top caliber Content Developer with excellent verbal communications and writing skills. The role is primarily to create actionable and insightful content for our students including blog posts and YouTube videos. The role may evolve to include podcast creation but the primary roles include blog post writing and video production. ...Read more


BeMo has an immediate need for a top caliber Content Developer with excellent verbal communications and writing skills. The role is primarily to create actionable and insightful content for our students including blog posts and YouTube videos. The role may evolve to include podcast creation but the primary roles include blog post writing and video production. 


Are You the Needle in a Haystack? 

Would you like to contribute to our mission of helping students who are genuinely interested in becoming outstanding future professionals, achieve their academic and career goals?

Would you like to make sure no one is treated unfairly due to their unfamiliarity with the admissions process or due to cultural, racial or social status?

Would you like to be part of a team that's shaping the future of admissions? 


Here’s a Little Bit About Us:

You've probably never worked with anyone like us before. We're a dynamic team of practicing professionals, researchers, and scholars, with a passion to help students reach their academic and career goals. We often go above and beyond to deliver the best possible services we can to our students. We make sure we are highly knowledgable about the ever-changing landscape of admissions by studying and researching admissions trends. We take our own medicine and we are constantly training to keep our individual performance and the performance of our company exceptional. 

We put the interests of BeMo above our own. We take our role very seriously and contribute to our company on a consistent basis. When things need to get done, we don't care what time of the day or day of the week it is, we get the job done. We know how to manage our time and fulfill competing demands. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and its impact and we are not afraid to share our ideas and collaborate with our team members. We put our company and our missions first. This is not a "job" to us. This is a calling. Our passion for mentoring our students and making admissions fair and scientifically sound is what gets us up in the morning. Importantly, we understand that our company is only as great as its individual members. That's how we have become a leading academic consulting firm and that's why we are extremely selective about our team and only pick the very best to join us and we do everything we can to support them.

We want to foster an environment where we drive team members to succeed within their role and believe in the mission and values of BeMo.

If you are resistant to coaching because you believe you already know everything, if you are seeking a side job just to make a few bucks or to add another entry to your resume, if you normally don't pay much attention to detail, or if you are looking for a short-term gig with little impact and growth, then we're probably not right for you.

If you are extremely detail oriented, obsessed with delivering only the best service, have outstanding written and verbal communications skills, willing to learn more and implement new strategies, love to be a part of a team to change the future of admissions, think working long hours and on the weekends is totally cool sometimes to hit objectives when required, and looking for a long-term mission with significant impact on society, then you need to apply. Now. 

Watch Our CEO's TEDx Talk to Find Out Why We Created BeMo:




What We Offer:

  • Be a part of a fast growing, innovative and leading academic consulting firm. 
  • Be part of a revolution. We are creating the next generation of admissions screening tools that are light years ahead at selecting best-suited candidates compared to traditional tools, while being fair to applicants.
  • Be part of a team of A-players. We only hire the brightest individuals with the highest caliber, character and courage.
  • Freedom to choose your hours. We don't believe in "9-5"s. We believe in accomplishments of the highest standard.
  • Freedom to work from anywhere around the world. You never have to go to the "office." All of our services are provided online and this role can be fulfilled remotely. 
  • 24/7 support. If you need our help, we'll be there for you because this means more than just a “job” to us.
  • Opportunity of stocks/shares in our fast growing company for exceptional team members that embody our core values.
  • Opportunity for growth, independent project development and career advancement including managerial and executive roles. 
  • Make a huge difference in the lives of aspiring future professionals and contribute to our outstanding success rate
  • Comprehensive health, dental and disability insurance benefits.
  • Generous self-directed vacation policy for full-time team members.
  • $1,000 yearly personal and professional development fund.
  • Quarterly team dinners. 


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Full-time position for someone who is results-driven and thrives on a "work smarter, not harder" motto. We don't focus on hours/week. We focus on results/week.
  • Must demonstrate a genuine interest in our mission and take an active role to improve our impact as a company. (i.e. This will not be just a side source of income or a "side job" to you because we find those who are genuinely interested to do this work perform better and are happier in their position).
  • Write a minimum of 2 pieces of original content for our blog/week.
  • Update a minimum of 2 pieces of previous blog posts/week.
  • Create a minimum of 5 videos for our YouTube channel/week, featuring yourself as the host.
  • The role may evolve to include creation of a minimum of 1 podcast audio for our podcast/week, featuring yourself as the host.
  • Distribute new content with BeMo's social media accounts and engage our fans.
  • Meet specific Key Performance Indicators related to the growth of our blog and YouTube channel. 


Qualifications & Education Requirements:

  • Minimum 3 years of paid blog writing experience.
  • Minimum 3 years of paid video creation experience (both filming and editing skills are required for this role).
  • Preferably someone with a background in acting, film, broadcasting or journalism but not required as long as you have the required skills.
  • If you don't meet all the qualification above but are certain you have the skills to create blogs and videos similar to the ones we have on our website and YouTube channel or better, you should apply (see BeMo.Blog and for examples).


Required Skills:

  • Detail-oriented and extremely organized.
  • Extremely humble and eager to learn.
  • Tech savvy.
  • Written blog content generation.
  • Video blog/podcast content generation (you must be comfortable and engaging as the host). 
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and thrive in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment.

  • Ability to plan in advance and anticipate any possible setbacks.
  • Excellent verbal communications and writing skills.
  • Creative writing skills to produce insightful blogs.
  • Proactive and self-motivated; ability to take initiative.
  • Ability to act independently with very little supervision and have a great work ethic.
  • Adaptable to a continuously changing environment in a fast growing company.
  • Must be looking for a long-term position with a personal and professional growth mindset. 


Our Hiring Process:

Our hiring process includes a review of your application, a skills assessment test, a virtual interview and lastly, a face-to-face interview with select members of our team via video conference.


How to Apply:

Simple. Send us the following 4 items to careers [at]

1) Your skill level on a scale of 1 to 7 for each of the following: a) creative writing, and b) video creation (1 = little experience and 7 = the absolutely best in the world. If you claim "7" for any of the two skills, please attach any international awards that you have won for your work).

2) Indicate where you are located in Canada. 

3) Cover letter indicating why you would like to join our team along with your resume.

4) Indicate how many years of paid job experience you have for a) writing and b) video production.

Please quote job #24169 on the subject line of your email.

We won’t be able to individually respond to all applicants, but if we feel that you’re a strong match, we will be in touch via email to schedule you for an interview. 

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!


BeMo is committed to providing accessible employment practices that are in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). If you require accommodation for disability during any stage of the recruitment process, please indicate this in your cover letter.

BeMo is strongly committed to inclusion and diversity within its community and welcomes all applicants including but not limited to: visible minorities, all religions and ethnicities, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ persons, and all others who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas.



Here's what our team members have to say about us:

Here's what our students have to say about us:




"I got accepted to UC Davis, Georgetown, UC Riverside (full scholarship - matriculating), Loma Linda, and UCLA. I’ve thus far recommended your site to anyone I meet."- Marysia

"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I was accepted into all three schools (Queen's, Mac and U of T) but will be accepting U of T. Thanks again for all the help in the process [application review, CASPer prep & interview prep ] and I look forward to seeing you around campus / hospitals in the near future. Cheers," - Sameer

"I was accepted at NYMC and UMass Medical School, both of which had MMI interview format. I will be attending UMass in the fall. Both my mock interviews gave me really good preparation and the interviewers were wonderful! So I certainly owe a lot of credit to BeMo for helping me reach my goals :) I'd be happy to write a testimonial, etc. Thank you!" - Nate

"I was offered 9 interviews at UMass Worcester, UMass Baystate, Saint Louis, Wake Forest, Drexel, Eastern Virginia, South Florida, Quinnipiac, and New York Medical College. I went to all but NYMC. I was waitlisted at Drexel, Wake Forest, South Florida, and Quinnipiac. I declined Quinnipiac and Drexel. I was accepted at Saint Louis and Eastern Virginia. I have selected Eastern Virginia out of the two. I am still waiting to hear from Wake Forest and South Florida. I never thought I would have received so many interview invitations. I was ecstatic to be accepted at more than one school. I couldn't have done it without the BeMo team! Thank you all for making my dream come true!" - Mandolin




"My daughter said the BeMo MMI interview prep helped her during the real interview. She secured admission to UMKC's 6 year BA/MD program. She has decided to attend the program. Thanks once again for your help." - Maddie

"I was accepted to 5 out of 6! - F. Edward Herbert School of Medicine - University of Vermont College of Medicine - Cooper Medical School of Rowan University - Oakland University of William Beaumont School of Medicine - Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School." - Ada

"Thanks for checking in. Yes, the interviews went really well - I got into all the universities I interviewed at (Toronto, McMaster, and Northern)! :)" - Megan

"I have heard back and am excited to say I will be attending the University of Alberta next year! I am also waitlisted at the UofS. Thank you so much for all your interview help, it definitely provided some great insight and helped gauge my performance. I really felt a lot more confident on interview day knowing that I had professional practice. Thanks!" - Arum


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